Feb 23


Beausejour, Manitoba  was voted as Manitoba’s  SnoRider’s sled town of the year, thanks to all of the voting by our faithful followers on our Facebook site, I realize it wasn’t our webpage that got us in the winning circle; you support is amazing.  Thank you for supporting and standing by our club you are the best.

Mother Nature has again cut the season short.  Our club is grateful for all the member and volunteer assistance getting our trails brushed for opening up the trails for the Groomers, the sign crews for getting the signs up in a timely manner.  We were very fortunate to have had great trails, and they were great.  There was a tremendous amount of traffic from all over Manitoba on our trails, after all aren’t we the gateway to the north, east club trails.  Lots of areas had so little snowfall grooming was impossible, waterway, swamp areas wouldn’t freeze and groomers were breaking through costing clubs extracation fees and downtime for repairs.  We were fortunate to keep a steady schedule for trail grooming 3 days a week since our trails opened January 9th.

Most riders were compliant with Snopasses, some complained about the cost of a pass but one comment made was, “how much does it cost to go out to dinner and a movie- 4-6 hours of enjoyment compared to a day of riding or two or three”?  Trails are prepared for you to enjoy, yes you buy your own equipment to ride and wear; think exercise, scenery, fresh air, all the great thing about Snowmobiling, your choice.



Feb 02

Welcome to the Official Homepage of the Brokenhead Trail Blazers

Joining a snowmobile club is a great way to gain camaraderie with people who share your love for the sport of snowmobiling. The Brokenhead Trail Blazers consists of 66 Members and maintain over 230 kms of trails in and around the Beausejour area. Browse our website for more information about our club, and snowmobiling in general.

We participated in the Teen Challenge Sled for Eternity Ride out of Beausejour  14+ Club Members registered for the Club Challenge, which means fundraising to meet a goal higher than other Clubs and we came in second with the South East Club taking the first prize.  So our Member riders raised $7400 to contribute to this Charity, yes some may feel it’s not a local charity but…addictions affect many and if we in a small way can help some turn their life for the better we are glad to assist.  Our Club will accept the prize of 150 hours of labour from the students   Thank you to Sobetski Enterprise for getting us involved and being a huge sponsor for this event.  Teen Challenge donations for this ride event totalled $167,000.  Check out the Teen Challenge webpages for pictures of this well planned well attended event. 


Dec 16

Club Map Fundraiser 2016-2017

  Brokenhead Trail Blazers Power Toboggan Club Inc. have a wonderful scenic Snoman trail system for all to enjoy.

 We fund raise to keep our Groomer and Trail System maintained financially.  Please support our local sponsors,  maps are available at all our sponsors locations.  Enjoy !!

Our Members have been very active in contacting all of their previous sponsor supporters and recruiting new sponsors for advertising on our trail map.  We are so pleased to report the Map is printed and  we will are distributing to our advertisers for distribution to the snowmobile enthusiasts on our trail system and area. Please support our sponsors and enjoy the map.

PDF Available Here: Brokenhead Trail Blazers Map 2016-2017





Nov 09

Snoman Awards 2016 Snowmobiler, Groomer, Non Snowmobile related Business of the Year

Our club is grateful to have had three of our nominations submitted to Snoman Inc. chosen to win these awards  presented to these individuals for volunteerism at it’s best.  13 Club members attended the conference on Saturday November 5th, 2016.  The Snoman Conference is an event all clubs should attend, those who don’t attend certainly miss out on opportunities to learn and visit with other clubs in Manitoba.   Jodie our club president accepted Beausejour Tires award as they were unable to attend the event.  

sharon-snowmobiler-of-the-year snoman-conference2