Aug 26

Club Map Fundraiser 2017-2018

Once again we are approaching our map ad sponsors for their support in our Clubs only annual fundraiser.  

Club members will be calling or personally contacting you once again.  You are very important in the community so we would hope you are interested in helping the Snowmobiling enthusiasts find your locations by continuing to advertise with us. 



Brokenhead Trail Blazers Power Toboggan Club Inc. have a wonderful scenic Snoman trail system for all to enjoy.

 We fund raise to keep our Groomer and Trail System maintained financially.  Please support our local sponsors,  maps are available at all our sponsors locations.  Enjoy !!

Our Members have been very active in contacting all of their previous sponsor supporters and recruiting new sponsors for advertising on our trail map.   Please support our sponsors and enjoy the map.

PDF Available Here: Brokenhead Trail Blazers Map 2016-2017





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