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If you wish to travel on designated Snoman trails in Manitoba, you must by law have a valid Snopass and a valid Off-Road Vehicle plate on your snowmobile. Natural Resource Officers and the RCMP patrol the trails regularly. A snowmobiler found to be on a designated Snoman trail without a valid Snopass will be fined over $480.00 and you will still be required to purchase a Snopass.

Why a coloured plate?

A highly visible plate will help Conservation officers & other enforcement agencies to readily identify who has a Snopass.


Your Snopass fee helps to enhance recreational snowmobiling across Manitoba, as it supports the local Snoman member clubs who groom and maintain more than 12,000 kilometers of designated trails across Manitoba.


Annual Snopass: $150.00
7 Day Snopass: $75.50


We were  informed by MPI that out-of-province snowmobiles must have a minimum of $500,000 third party liability coverage, not  $200,000 and you must purchase a Snopass to ride the trails in Manitoba.  You can purchase either an annual Snopass or a Seven-Day Snopass.  You must show proof of ownership and a valid registration from another jurisdiction that includes a minimum of $500,000 third party liability coverage.  An Annual Snopass allows you to ride on designated trails until April 30.

General Info

  • The Brokenhead Trail Blazers maintain 230 kms of trails
  • We have 98  members, families and singles
  • Membership costs $20 per year or $25 for a family. Learn more…
  • Minutes from our meetings will be emailed to the active membership.

Your Officers Elected and Appointed*

Jodie Voth
Mel Darroch
Vice President
Barry Malcolm
Treasurer Groomer Coordinator
Lori Sobetski
Ryan Delgaty
Tom Audette
ERSA Alternate Rep
*Leona Malcolm-Membership Chair

*Leona Malcolm-Public Relation Officer

*David Kryschuk- Trail Director

*Ryan Delgaty- Sign Coordinator

Contact Us

We can be reached by email at


Seventh meeting for the 2017-2018 season will be held on March 8, 2018 at 7pm.  

The club meets on the second Thursday of every month at 7:00PM in the Brokenhead Trail Blazers clubhouse. The clubhouse is located 3 miles west of Ladywood down road #80, then go 1/2 mile north. Ladywood is 8 miles north of Beausejour on #12 North