Jim Longbottom’s Before and After

Thanks go to our Reno Crews many members put in long hours to accomplish this task. Al, Danny,Claude, David, Matthew, Tom, Leah, Jodie, Barry, Curtis, Stephen, Jeff L, Scott, Paul, Kelly, Ryan  

Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 6

  Another productive day out at Jim Longbottom’s Place warm up hut. “Sheet metal guru” Al U. completed all window and door flashing and remaining metal work. We were able to clean up all of the loose ends and David cleared the brush beside the shack Matt and Barry hauled the cut debris creating  a …

Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 5

Thanks to club members Scott Shewchuk, Ryan Klos, Paul Reichart and Kelly Line who constructed and hauled in a new outhouse to Jim Longbottom’s Place today! They were also able to finish off the new solar system and turned the lights on! The next crew is going in tomorrow to clean up some loose ends.

Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 4

  Well it was a cold start this morning as we loaded up. The job today was a solar power install at Longbottoms shelter. Unfortunately life happens and a couple of the guys were unable to make it out to help. After a couple cold trips back and forth to get everything in, Travis and …

Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 3

What a BTB  day our crew comprised of  Curtis Barley, Al Unrau,  Claude Papineau, Barry Malcolm and Leah Penhall .  The work was long, seemed never ending but we almost got everything we started out to do.    What a crew and it’s a pleasure to watch Al and Curtis work their trades as they …

Step 2 of Longbottoms Shelter Reno

Danny Leonard, Leah Penhall, Claude Papineau, Barry Malcolm with the load of supplies for the shelter, SXS from Sobetski Ent. and Claude had the trailer and his own quad delivering said supplies.  Volunteering at its finest.

Jim Longbottoms Shelter getting a Facelift

We’ll keep you posted on the excellent work being accomplished by a few good men. Al, Stephen, Danny, Jeff, Tom, Curtis, Ryan P, Paul R, Scott, Barry, Jodie, We’ll add individuals as they pitch in. Lots to do always a position someone is capable of doing.  

Signs all tucked away for the 2017-2018 Season

Special Thanks to all the club volunteers who gave so much of their time without monitory reward for tasks that need to be done for our Clubs Snoman Trail system.  Rain, Sleet, Snow, Freezing temperatures the jobs get done.  Our Club Members are the best. In no particular order:       Scott S, Paul R, …

Family Day Louis Riel Day at Longbottom’s Shelter

Excerpt from Danny Leonard’s Facebook post: Well we had a great day at Jim Longbottom’s Place today.  We celebrated Louis Riel Day with hot dogs, drinks, heat and music.  Lots of visitors popped in, probably 50-60 people in all.  A special shout out to Jeff Goethals our chef de hot-dog, Jeffrey Sobetski who supplied the …

Snoman Making Tracks Ride February 16, 2018

Our Club was so Proud to be chosen to host this event at our Clubhouse and ride our trails There were 16 participants on the ride and they were: Yvonne Rideout, Alan and Linda Butler, Tonya and Danny Kemball, MLA’s and spouse Wayne Ewasko, Shannon Martin, Sarah Guillemard, Bob and Andrea Legasse, Greg Nesbitt, 2 …

Scenic north trails for your riding and viewing pleasure.

Volunteer Groomer Operators Barry Malcolm, Brian Olson and Jay Dion create and smooth ribbon for your riding pleasure. Thanks to all the volunteers for signing, brushing, hauling wood for the shelter through out our trail system.  

Teen Challenge Sled for Eternity event 2018

We had 16 members attend this occasion. Our club came in 2nd place for the club challenge which give us additional help on our trails system. Wonderful

Grooming the trails Brian and Barry

Longbottoms Shelter alternate weekend crew

Volunteer Sign Crews 2018, Frigid weather lack of snow


Club Christmas celebration 2017

If you missed our wonderful club gathering we are truly sorry, it was GREAT The catered meal provided by Green Gables Catering was delicious it was certainly an early Christmas dinner without all the preparation, members provided the dessert and they did it up fabulously;  we had a full house consisting of 40 older members, …

Ol’Boo our clubs Groomer is ready for the trails.

After many work parties rebuilding the tracks, servicing the mechanical, electrical, idler wheels, frame, Ol’Boo is ready. The final day December 17, was a 10-4 day, many thanks go to Jim Pruden for his expertise, equipment,hours of labour to help out Barry and Brian get this task finally done.  The many work groups, members and …

BR275+Track Crews

November 10, 2017          November 12, 2017  Our Work-bee track crew consisted of Danny, Leah, Barry. David, Roy, Raymond, Cameron. Gary, Brian, Jay, Paul, Ryan K, Scott our 3 new members and volunteers Ivan and Al.  Super group of fun, hard working guys and gals.  Danny and Leah again provided the nutrition …

BR275+ Track Crew

Sunday October 15, first crews started working on the groomer tracks, Jay, Tom & Ray, Barry and Danny and Brian( groomer-electrical). Sunday  October 22, Barry, Tom, Danny( track repair specialists) Brian(worked on the Groomers electrical components.     November 5, 10am  Workbee Organized by Danny Leonard, Nutrition provided by Leah Penhall the group consisted of Club …

Summer Work Crew Sign Container/ But No Track Fairy Repair Crews available yet!!

August 20, 2017  Jodie Voth, David, Matthew, Joshua Kryschuk. Jeff Goethal, Barry, Leona Malcolm, Ryan Delgaty put a huge effort into cleaning and refurbishing the container for our trail signs, and the clubhouse was cleaned for the new season activities.  

Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations 2017 Excellence Award

So proud our Clubs Groomer Operator Barry Malcolm was chosen internationally for this award

Flags of Rememberance Beausejour Brokenhead

Barry and Mel raised our Flag

Sled Town Manitoba Provincial Finalist 2016-2017

Grooming the Trails

Teen Challenge Event

Clearing the North Trail, wonderful Members, Volunteers and the 5 Teen Challenge workers

Trail Signing, Brushing 2016-2017

Christmas Party 2016

What a fabulous evening, enjoying great company, great food; a video of the history old and new of our club.  Danny did a marvelous presentation, many hours spent for all of us to enjoy and enjoy we did. We did a group photo shoot complete with “We wish you A Merry Christmas sung by our …

Trail Maintenance

Our New Clubhouse Look 2016

Our Float in the 2016 Beausejour Rodeo Parade

Summer to do list update pictures Drag repairs, New Clubhouse Roof


Adjusting the Groomer Shelter Floor


Club Windup June 12, 2016


Mini March 4th Club Ride

Family Day 2016

2016 Teen Challenge Club Ride

New 2015-2016 Club Fundraiser Maps

Grooming the Trails

Club Sign with Sharon and her New Polaris

Signing Crew 2015

Christmas Party 2015

First Meeting & 90th Birthday Celebration

Corn Roast August 2015

Clubhouse Renovations 2015

Summer Windup 2015

Christmas 2014

Groomer and Operators Proud of the new Shelter

Building our new Groomer Shelter 2014

Club Ride to Elk Island 2009

Our newly modified trail groomer!!

Vintage Meet and Great Mar 15 2009

Federal Government Announcement March 7 2009

Open House Longbottom’s 2009 Feb 7

Grooming and marking trail Dec 26 2008 ride 2006 – hosted by club member SRXTWINS

Hooking up groomer to drag – Dec. 9 2006

Installing tracks on the groomer Dec. 2 2006

Trail brushing crew at Gull Lake, Oct. 2006

Biscuit Harbor 2001