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Family Day Louis Riel Day at Longbottom’s Shelter

Excerpt from Danny Leonard’s Facebook post:

Well we had a great day at Jim Longbottom’s Place today.  We celebrated Louis Riel Day with hot dogs, drinks, heat and music.  Lots of visitors popped in, probably 50-60 people in all.  A special shout out to Jeff Goethals our chef de hot-dog, Jeffrey Sobetski who supplied the toilet tissue, mini BBQ and his 3000W Polaris generator and picked up the carnage along the trail, Brian Olson who brought the groomer out to display and hauled wood, David Kryschuk wood hauler, Jay Dion wood hauler and Tom Audette wood hauler assistant and stapler provider.   Al the Jim Longbottom renovation chief came by to measure everything up as we are getting ready to renovate our one and only warm up shelter….if only the walls could talk!  We conquered the frozen bottle recycling receptacle and cleaned that up!   Super good time and I have to thank my wife Leah Penhall who is absolutely fantastic as she prepped hot dogs, made sure everyone had a drink and hot dog fixings along with a friendly hello.  Thank you Jody Sternat-Lagacé for jumping in to help Leah serve our guests.  It was awesome to meet Hartley Pokrant and see Sharon Naurocki along with Roy!  If I forgot to thank anyone my apologies.

Brian, Jeff S, Jeff G, Danny L caught on camera.

RCMP even stopped in for a visit

Welcome, come for a visit Free Hot Dogs

Jeff Goethals(BBQ specialist) Leah Penhall

Brian Olson brought up the groomer for all to view.