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Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 3

What a BTB  day our crew comprised of  Curtis Barley, Al Unrau,  Claude Papineau, Barry Malcolm and Leah Penhall .  The work was long, seemed never ending but we almost got everything we started out to do.    What a crew and it’s a pleasure to watch Al and Curtis work their trades as they are the best.  Thanks Matt Moore for lending me your quad, your new ramp fits well and works amazing!  The Jim Longbottom Shelter is now waiting for the love of our electrical dudes headed up by Tom Audette.  It was a “convoy” going in and a stuck “convoy” going out.  Thanks for Diff lock.  A long day,  but it was worth it as the transformation is amazing….

Al Unrau doing his finest work

Claude Papineau attaching the siding

Barry and Danny

Al, Curtis, Danny, Barry, Leah, Claude

Curtis and Leah

Convoy in and out