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Jim Longbottom’s Reno Stage 4


Well it was a cold start this morning as we loaded up. The job today was a solar power install at Longbottoms shelter. Unfortunately life happens and a couple of the guys were unable to make it out to help. After a couple cold trips back and forth to get everything in, Travis and I managed to make the best of a cold windy day. We were able to get as much as we possibly could done. I even had my side kick Nitro out to protect us from coyotes! The solar array was a pain to get up on the roof, but thanks to Barry Malcolm and his welding skills we had a really easy mounting system pre made with all the necessary adjustments built in. Thanks to the hard work of Danny Leonard and the guys (and gal) yesterday, we were able to install the interior LED lighting, the exterior LED floods and the power station (2 – 12 volts plug ins and 2 – USB plug ins). Now everything is controlled by a 30 min crank timer. The 120volt has been cleaned up and all the devices replaced so we can run some serious power with a generator for our club outings! In the midst of cleaning up Nitro managed to sneak a half coil of moose kolbassa off the stove and head outside for an afternoon snack. The shelter is well on its way to becoming one of the nicest ones on the trail system. Thanks to all the people who have put so much time and effort into rejuvenating the BTB warm up shack!! I’m looking forward to spending some time in it next season!! Written by Tom Audette

Nitro hitching a ride, not missing the action

And we have lights

Tom and Travis bring in the lighting, wiring all the great stuff

Wow, installed, lot of work

Interior wiring